Health Club Challenge







Results Due



2000 metres 

2 x 250m 

July 4th



4000 metres

2 x 500m

Aug 4th



8000 metres

2 x 1000m

Sep 5th



6000 metres

2 x 750m

Oct 3rd



2000 metres

1 x 500m

Nov 5th



Simple as 1, 2 & 3.

  1. Register a team (of 4 men or 4 women)
  2. Complete the challenge each month.
  3. Post your results to Concept2 (faxed or emailed)

Registrations Close: 31st May 2008


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Registration Forms


Download Registration Form Here.





Download your own Health Club Challenge 
poster here





Men's Under 20 Team            Women's Under 20 Team

Men's Open Team                  Women's Open Team

Men's 40+ Team                    Women's 40+ Team



  • Category winners will receive a championship trophy.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of achievement.
  • The fitness club with the highest amount of points accumulated over all rounds and categories will receive 3 months free rental of 3 model E indoor rowers.


Training Pack

All clubs that register will receive a small info pack containing a technique poster, wall chart, training guide and the option of receiving free staff training by a C2 staff member (staff training applies to Melbourne and Geelong clubs only).


Helpful Tips for Clubs

  • Practice the changeovers so they are fast which will greatly improve the team's performances.
  • To add some excitement, challenge a nearby team to a head to head race.
  • On the last stroke before the changeover, make sure the next rower grabs the handle. Don't let it go!
  • Have fun. Shout encouragement and, above all - work as a team.
  • If you have time, do each challenge more than once. The second time is almost always faster.
  • On the changeovers, have one team member hold the seat ready for the next rower to sit down.



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