The Concept2 Slide was first manufactured in 1999 and is an accessory for all models of Indoor Rowers which adds the on-water feel to Indoor Rowing.



Pair of SlidesConsisting of a simple and easy to maintain track and carriage system, the Slide means that the Indoor Rower will move back and forth under the person rowing, adding an authentic on-water dimension to indoor rowing.



The Slide also enables you to link an unlimited number of machines together to create the feel of rowing in a crew. Not only does it simulate the feel of rowing on water but it also forces you to row as a crew, thus helping to develop timing, slide control on the Recovery and connection at the Catch.



slide movie.gifTo create a "Team Boat", two slides are needed for the first machine but each additional machine only requires one further Slide. The Slides can be either set up or disassembled in a matter of seconds and can be fitted to all Concept2 models, although the Concept2 Models A and B can only be used as part of a team set-up if it is at the head of the crew.




rower on slides web.jpg












$450.89 including gst. Delivery additional.


$225.45 including gst. Delivery additional. 




Useful information to know:

  • Space needed for an Indoor Rower on a pair of Slides: 365cm x 120cm. 


  • The Single Rower Slide will work on Models A, B, C, D and E. 


  • The Team Boat Slide will work only on Models C, D and E.


  • You will probably sweat more at a given output level on the Slide because your body is stationary. This means there is little air movement around you to evaporate perspiration. 
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