ROW PRO for PM3 & PM4 Users Only



RowPro Home Edition is designed for people who row at home.  Developed by Boston software company Digital Rowing Inc. it has all the features home rowers need.

RowPro offers an extensive collection of training aids and scenic animation including a 3D graphics display, training plans, coaching clinic, and a built-in rowing log.


Whether you row to compete, keep fit, or lose weight, the best way to achieve your goals is:

  • Get a great training program
  • Develop powerful stroke technique
  • Stay motivated and keep at it

That's where RowPro comes in.  RowPro takes the guesswork out of your rowing so you get the results you really want.  RowPro gives you:

  • A lifetime supply of Performance Lab training plans.
  • A 3D Coaching Clinic with Olympic coach Brian Hawthorne.
  • A constant companion while your row that actively monitors every stroke you take.
  • Expert performance feedback to track training progress
  • Virtual on-water racing against past rows and pace boats

    The CD you receive with your PM3/PM4 includes a demo version of the RowPro rowing log, training aid and 3-D animation. The demo version provides 10 free uses after which you would need to purchase the complete software program from Digital Rowing to continue use.

    E-ROW for PM2+ Users Only

    e-Row is a Windows-based software package for use with one or more Concept2 Indoor Rowers equipped with PM2+ performance monitors. Using e-Row with your Concept2 Indoor Rower will make your workouts more fun, more productive, and even allow you to row—via the Internet—with friends in remote locations.

    Using this equipment you can race a computer-driven pace boat, plot your performance against a variety of variables, or store your data for later analysis. And with two or more rowers, you can train or race either as individuals or teams.

    e-Row works with the PM2+, an enhanced version of the Concept2 Indoor Rower's Performance Monitor (PM2). The operation of the PM2+ is the same as that of the regular PM2.

    This software is free to download to first time users as well as those who want to upgrade from previous versions. Your Indoor Rower must have the PM2+ monitor to interface to a computer.

    E-Row gives you four different options:

    • Just Row — Hop on and start pulling
    • Train — Create and row your own interval workout, either alone or with other rowers in your same location. During workouts, you can row against a pace boat.
    • Race — Create your own race and compete against other rowers in your same location
    • Race Over the Internet — Race against people all over the world!
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