What are the extra options available for the rower?

There are several options available for use with your Indoor Rower. They are:

  1. Heart Rate Monitor Interface: While wearing a wireless Polar or Polar compatible chest belt transmitter, your heart rate is measured directly through your chest. It is then displayed in the lower right corner of the PM3 or PM4. Please note that the PM4 has its own built-in heart rate receiver and comes with a Suunto Chest Belt and Strap.
  2. Indoor Rower Cover: The cover is water-resistant and made of 3-ply polyester/vinyl laminate with velcro tabs. Fits Models B, C & D only.
  3. Seat Pad: This is an option for seat comfort. Made of 3/8" foam.
  4. Slides: The slides provide a unique experience on the Indoor Rower. They are platforms on which the Indoor Rower sits and rolls back and forth providing a feeling of being on the water. Slides can be used for one Indoor Rower up to multiple rowers.
  5. Rowers Shadow: A unique tool used to assist in the development of correct rowing technique, delivering technical feedback stroke after stroke.
When I'm using the heart rate option available for the rower, am I attached to any wires?
No, you are not attached to any wires when using the heart rate interface available for the rower. You are wearing a WIRELESS Polar or Suunto chest strap. A wireless signal is sent from the chest strap to a receiver and your heart rate is displayed in the lower right corner of the display.
Is it difficult to put together?
The Indoor Rowers require very little assembly. The Model D Indoor Rower requires just the installation of the front legs using a total of 8 screws. The Model E Indoor Rower requires the installation of the front and rear legs, the monitor arm and pickup cable and attaching the PM4 monitor itself - a total of 10 screws. We include the necessary tool and clear instructions with lots of pictures. Allow about 30-45 minutes for the job. Once all the installation steps are completed you will need to connect the monorail end of the rower with the flywheel end. This is a very easy procedure illustrated in the assembly instructions.
Where is the damper set during races? Is there a damper setting where I will perform best?
There is no required damper setting for races or time trials on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. You are free to choose the setting you prefer so long as you do not change it once you have started to row.

Preferred damper setting is highly subjective, depending on body type, conditioning level, and rowing style. Our surveys of top finishers at the CRASH-B Sprints – the official World Championship event for Indoor rowing races, (held in Boston, USA each February), indicate most excel at the low to mid range damper settings (between 1 and 6). Suggestion: once per week for one month do a 2000 metre time trial at race pace. On week one, set the damper at 2, for week 2, set it at 4 and so on. Pick the damper setting that allows you to perform best.

The electronic monitor on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower is not simply a revolution or speed counter: it measures rate of acceleration, max. speed, and rate of deceleration of the flywheel on each stroke and recalibrate between strokes. Therefore it calculates power produced / distance rowed precisely regardless of damper setting. Hence competitors are able to choose a damper setting according to their personal preference.

For more information on the principles of the flywheel read the literature on the Damper Settings page. There is no required damper setting for races or time trials on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. You are free to choose the setting you prefer so long as you do not change it once you have started to row.
What does the Performance Monitor (the electronic display) do?
The PM3 or PM4 provides valuable workout feedback including elapsed time and distance, pace, calorie expenditure, power output, strokes per minute. You can access lists of workouts to choose from. You can program and store your own favourite workouts for instant set-up. You can choose from a variety of units and display options including PaceBoat, Force Curve and Bar Chart. You can transfer your training data from PM3/PM4 to PC via the C2 LogCard. The PM3/PM4 have built-in menus making it easier to find what you need. There is also a power generation feature enabling the PM3 to receive power from the spinning flywheel, greatly enhancing battery life and the PM4 comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that is recharged while you're rowing. In addition the PM4 is capable of running wireless, PC-less races with up to 8 machines and it has its own built-in heart rate receiver compatible with a Suunto Chest Belt and Strap (included with every PM4).
What type of Batteries does the Monitor use?
The PM3 requires 2 D cell batteries (included with purchase).The PM4 uses a rechargeable battery (included with purchase) but will also work with two D cell batteries. High quality alkaline batteries are recommended. The monitor will not work properly with ‘rechargeable’ D cell batteries.
How does the damper setting compare between a Model B, C and D?

If you are familiar with training on the Model B and have changed to a Model C or D, or are unsure of which resistance level to use at your next indoor race, see the attached file for a guideline conversion table of resistance between the different models.

View damper comparison here

What is Drag Factor and how does it work?
For more information please read the literature on the “Drag Settings & Intensity” page.
How long will it take for my indoor rower to arrive?
This depends on where you live and varies with the time of year. Usually we are able to ship within a few days of the receipt of your order, but not always. Please call Concept2 on toll free 1800 730 051 to find out more about current shipping information.
How do I order C2 products if I live in another State? What costs are involved?
Simply contact Concept2 on Free Call in Australia 1800 730 051 and you can purchase direct from us or we can refer you to a reseller in your area. You can also order directly online at www.concept2.com.au

Besides the cost of the Indoor Rower, you will be responsible for paying the delivery costs. The cost of freight varies from city to city and depends on if you are purchasing a model D or model E indoor rower. The delivery cost includes insurance during delivery. Please contact us  for a quote on delivery.
What is the warranty on the Concept2 Indoor Rower?
The Concept2 Indoor Rower comes with a 2-year warranty on all parts. We will be happy to send you a full written copy of the warranty if you would like one before purchase. A copy is included with every machine.
Is there a return policy?
If, within 30 days of shipment of your Indoor Rower, you are not satisfied with it, you may return it to us. All shipping and the costs are your responsibility. We will refund the cost of the machine.
How long is the rower going to last me? Is it well built?
The Concept2 Indoor Rower is of a commercial grade and designed for institutional use. There is no such thing as a home model. The model you buy as an individual is the same as the model a health club or university would buy. The Concept 2 Indoor Rower was designed to withstand the rigors of Olympic and University training centre use - where our machines are used 6 days a week - as many as 8 hours at a time. As a home user you can expect the rower to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.
What is the best pace to maintain during a 2000-metre race?
Rule of thumb is to take your best 30-minute pace and subtract 6-8 seconds off the 500-metre pace for an approximate 2000-metre race pace. We have a number of training guides and race pace indicators which can be of assistance to you in improving your race times.
Why did Concept2 come out with the Model E?
The Model E brings the seat to a comfortable, more “normal” chair height. This will make it easier for some people to get on and off the machine. It will also bring the user up to a more familiar height off the floor.
What comes with the Indoor Rower?
  • a Performance Monitor (PM3 or PM4)
  • 1 LogCard (in the front pocket of the manual)
  • a USB cable
  • a CD-ROM of software containing the LogCard Utility, Concept2 Rowing Log and a demo version for 10 free uses of RowPro (a third-party program sold by Digital Rowing)
  • a Performance Monitor Manual
  • an Indoor Rower manual
  • assembly instructions
  • a Technique DVD
  • a bottle of Concept2 Chain Oil

Indoor Rowers equipped with a PM4 will also receive a Suunto Chest Belt and Strap and rechargeable battery pack.

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