C2 Australia Indoor Rowing Championships



We recognize that there is a committed and dedicated band of Indoor Racers out there, with some of you absolutely desperate for your next race to occur. We salute these dedicated C2 racers -  a commitment to compete is after all part of the motivation for your training not to mention the opportunities of improved health and the chance of prizes.

As always we aim to continue to improve the number, quality and locations for available Indoor Races and we have long been encouraging and supporting a number of groups to help grow indoor rowing races for you. This will continue to be our policy.

It has become apparent though that due to a multitude of factors, overall competitor numbers in recent years have declined so it is appropriate to rethink the structure.


We have been canvassing ideas far and wide and the previous update of the possibility of an April 2012 event has not come to fruition. At this point in time, it is likely the event will be split down into smaller, state based events but it is still too early to say exactly how or when.


Unfortunately from our end many of our staff over the past 12-18 months have been struck down by illness / injury / carers or maternity leave meaning we haven’t been able to dedicate ourselves to the major organisational aspects such an event requires. This, coupled with the ever increasing costs of staging an event such as the AIRC have necessitated the need to rethink the structure of the event.

For this we sincerely apologise but alas not everything is under our control.


Notwithstanding the GFC we know that more people than ever are using C2 rowers so we promise you, we will be back with many of these recent converts in tow – bigger, better and bolder than ever. So watch this space for the next update on the AIRC...

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