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BikeErg Testimonials

“I absolutely love the BikeErg marrying together the old school qualities of a spin bike with essentially the qualities of a C2 rower. Being able to adjust the damper settings for a different stimulus is perfect for CrossFit training but what I really love is being able to alter the position of the ride by moving the handle height. As an affiliate owner we have so many different people that need to modify workouts for various reasons and we are able to accommodate this by changing the position in which they ride.

As a professional athlete who spent a solid portion of last season working on building an aerobic base this really came in handy. I also happen to really lack the riding skills required and could have potentially hurt myself out on the road in Brisbane traffic but I was able to get conditioned to the ride and the position on one of those bikes, within the confines of Kova.” 

—Kara Saunders (CrossFit Kova & 7 x CrossFit Games Athlete)

“The BikeErg has been a fundamental piece of my training leading into the Crossfit Games.” 

—Tia-Clair Toomey (2 x Fittest Woman on Earth, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Australian Olympian for Weightlifting)

"The BikeErg’s provide our clients, with a world class riding experience, every class.

They are great for interval sessions and the computer screen, provides excellent stats on everything we need, to help our clients ride more efficiently.

The resistance setting is tougher than a normal spin bike, which is perfect for our resistance based, classes.

I highly recommend the BikeErg and it is now, an essential part, of our training facility.

Well done Concept 2.” 

—Jase Lydom (Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training)

“The BikeErg has been a great addition to our ever-growing fleet of Concept2. So versatile, it’s used for warm-ups, recovery, rehab and pro bike riders, and has the option to pair with Zwift and ErgData.” 

—Ryan Jeffrey (TKO Fitness)

“The Concept2 BikeErg is the best piece of equipment our Club has EVER invested in. The robust design and belt drive gives us confidence that these BikeErg’s will be a valued contributor to our cross training for many years to come. They are smooth and quiet, our only regret is that we only have room for 6 of them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” 

—Joseph Tamigi (Head Coach WA Rowing Club)

“The BikeErg has become the most versatile piece of conditioning equipment in my gym. 200m Sprint or 20km ride it always asks questions of you.” 

—Steve Kruger (Kfit)

The Queenwood girls and coaches are getting great use out of the BikeErg's. They are a great training tool especially for injured athletes and they seem to be very robust for a school/club program. 

—Alfie Young (Queenwood School)


“The BikeErg's have been the perfect fit for our spin room at BrainPark. Simple, while still providing the highest quality data we need when conducting our research studies.” 

—James Morrow (Monash University BrainPark)


“The Concept2 BikeErgs have been one of the greatest additions to our conditioning classes. Simple to set up and use, our members fight for them!" 

—Matt Reilly (CrossFit Urge)


The BikeErg’s are great, sturdy, resilient, easy to clean and you are able to program a bunch of different stimuli with the changing of the damper setting. It has been a great addition for our gym." 

—Adam Pirri (CrossFit Active)


“The BikeErg is amazing for our group workouts, being able to jump on and get into it easily is a game changer in our sessions. We are always looking for new pieces of equipment to challenge our members, the BikeErg is exactly that.” 

—Matt Eikenhout (Club Lime)

Kara Saunders
Tia-Clair Toomey
Monash University BrainPark
Geelong Boxing & Obstacle Training