A Great Way to Start 2018!

Jan 03, 2018

If you are ready to commit to new goals in 2018, the January Revolutions Challenge gives you something to shoot for! If you’re finishing up our Holiday Challenge, this new incentive can help you maintain your momentum. Best of all, if you’re on a team in the Virtual Team Challenge, your meters can count for both challenges!

In the January Revolutions Challenge, you choose the challenge based on what motivates you—working out for time, calories, or consistency—and there are two levels for each type of goal.

This variety makes it a perfect first-time challenge and a great opportunity for you to invite a friend to do it with you! There’s something for everyone!

Here are your challenge choices:

  • The Stretch: row, ski or ride for 20 days in January
  • The Big Stretch: row, ski or ride every day in January
  • The Haul: row, ski or ride for 15 hours in January
  • The Long Haul: row, ski or ride for 30 hours in January
  • The Burn: row, ski, or ride 10,000 calories in January
  • The Big Burn: row, ski or ride 20,000 calories in January

Pick the one that appeals to you, and sign up any time between now and January 1, 2018.

Whether you have an indoor rower or SkiErg, we hope you'll join us in kicking off 2018 with a bang (or a soft whirr of the flywheel)!

You can read more here!


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WORLD RECORD!! A massive congratulations to Kate Hilliard on another SkiErg World Record! Kate now holds the SkiErg world records for the 500, 1000 and 2000m distances. 👏💪 ・・・ Via @kate_hilliard ・・・ first goal of 2019 ☑️ finally got the trifecta, setting a new 500m @concept2au SkiErg world record this morning. the last 20 seconds hurt like nothing else, but I’m stoked. it’s always me against me, but I’m never alone. thanks to my boys, legendary cheerleaders @andy_ginn & @lewiray 🙏🏼 huge nod to @chris_feather for the constant quiet support & being a big reason I ever got on the ski in the first place. @jamesjoel 📸

concept2au 2 days 18 hours ago.
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