New Australian Record Categories

Jun 30, 2017

Here’s your chance to grab a new Australian Record!

We’ve been recording Australian Indoor Rowing records for a number of years now, and with the increasing popularity of the SkiErg it is now time to introduce a new category of Australian records. From July 1, we will be opening the record books to these all new categories!

Australian SkiErg records will be on offer for the following distances:


The shortest distance currently recorded for Australian Indoor Rowing records is the 500m, however with the increase in popularity in shorter distance sprint rowing, we are also introducing the 100m distance to the mix. If you’re more anaerobically inclined, this may be the record for you!

As with the SkiErg, Australian Indoor Rowing Records will be available for the 100m, 500m, 1000m and 2000m. All current records, along with individual record requirements can be found in the SkiErg records section, and the Indoor Rower records section. Any current world records held by an Australian for the new categories will automatically be added to the Australian records on July 1 when they are launched.

If you have your sights set on writing yourself into the record books, now’s the time to get skiing or rowing. You could earn yourself bragging rights for being the fastest person in Australia for that distance!



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WORLD RECORD!! A massive congratulations to Kate Hilliard on another SkiErg World Record! Kate now holds the SkiErg world records for the 500, 1000 and 2000m distances. 👏💪 ・・・ Via @kate_hilliard ・・・ first goal of 2019 ☑️ finally got the trifecta, setting a new 500m @concept2au SkiErg world record this morning. the last 20 seconds hurt like nothing else, but I’m stoked. it’s always me against me, but I’m never alone. thanks to my boys, legendary cheerleaders @andy_ginn & @lewiray 🙏🏼 huge nod to @chris_feather for the constant quiet support & being a big reason I ever got on the ski in the first place. @jamesjoel 📸

concept2au 2 days 19 hours ago.
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