PM5, ErgData and Other Apps

Mar 10, 2017

The PM5 with ErgData running on an iPhone.

In addition to providing workout data, the Concept2 Performance Monitor (PM5) enables you to connect with apps and programs that offer additional data and capabilities, or add entertainment.

First, here’s a review of the PM5’s capabilities, in case you haven’t discovered them all yet:

  • Accurate data that can be compared from one workout to another, and from one machine to another.
  • Stroke-by-stroke performance output on power, speed, stroke rate, elapsed time and distance.
  • Several display options to choose from.
  • Storage of your workouts in Memory.
  • The ability to re-row or re-ski a past workout.
  • Games for a fun workout option!

For additional features, connect! Our Performance Monitor connects to many handheld and smartphone devices (we recommend you always check for compatibility with your own device before downloading).

The LogBook display in ErgData.

Concept2 offers a free app called ErgData, available for both iPhone and Android. ErgData provides additional performance statistics, stores and displays your workout results, and uploads your results to the Concept2 Online Logbook. Check out ErgData on our website, the App Store or Google Play.

A number of apps have been developed by other companies for use with the Concept2 Performance Monitor. While these apps are not developed, serviced or supported by Concept2, they do offer a variety of additional features and functions that may add to your workouts. Have a look at the Other Apps page on our website. You may find just the thing to help you get even more out of your workouts. For more information or support on these programs, please contact the developers directly.


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WORLD RECORD!! A massive congratulations to Kate Hilliard on another SkiErg World Record! Kate now holds the SkiErg world records for the 500, 1000 and 2000m distances. 👏💪 ・・・ Via @kate_hilliard ・・・ first goal of 2019 ☑️ finally got the trifecta, setting a new 500m @concept2au SkiErg world record this morning. the last 20 seconds hurt like nothing else, but I’m stoked. it’s always me against me, but I’m never alone. thanks to my boys, legendary cheerleaders @andy_ginn & @lewiray 🙏🏼 huge nod to @chris_feather for the constant quiet support & being a big reason I ever got on the ski in the first place. @jamesjoel 📸

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