PM2+ Interface Specification Overview

The PM2+ Interface Specification enables a programmer to connect a computer to a PM2+ and extract and compute any data that is available on the PM2+ display. The information contained in the specification is provided as-is and is provided without warranty or support.

Information Use

  • You may use the information for your own personal use, experimentation, or to create a commercial software application.
  • If you publish or distribute a software application, you agree to abide by the following:
    • Marketing literature may state that your software is “Concept2 PM2+ Compatible.”
    • You may not represent that your software has been published by or endorsed by Concept2.
    • You agree to direct any and all technical support inquiries to yourself.
    • You may add a link to the Concept2 home page ( to your marketing web page or within your software, as long as you are clear that Concept2 is neither the publisher of your software nor responsible for its proper operation. The link should be labeled as a link to get more information on Concept2 products and services.

Reproduction Terms

You may not copy, republish in any form (electronic or otherwise) the information provided. If you need to send this information to someone else, please give them a link to this page so that they may read our conditions.