All My Ski Results Upload as Rows


You use the Concept2 SkiErg and upload your SkiErg results to your Online Logbook, but all your SkiErg pieces are marked as indoor rower pieces in your online logbook.


Upgrade to the latest version of the Concept2 Utility. Future SkiErg workouts will be correctly uploaded as type “skierg.”

Note: Please be aware of the known issue with the Concept2 Utility 7.02.17 that may result in ski results being incorrectly uploaded to the online logbook.

To correct previously uploaded results, you can edit the Type value for those workouts in your online logbook as follows:

  1. In your online logbook, click the pencil icon for a result you need to edit.
  2. In the Edit Workout window, click SkiErg in the Type list to change the result type from indoor rower.
  3. Click Submit.

Or, if you still have the workouts on your LogCard, you can delete those workouts from your online logbook, and re-upload them after you have upgraded the Concept2 Utility.