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Use the chart below to determine which app best suits your needs.

Note: Prior to purchasing any hardware, we recommend that you check out the full system requirements for each product. ErgData iOS Requirements | ErgData Android Requirements | ErgBuddy Requirements

  ErgData (iOS) ErgData (Android) ErgBuddy (iOS only)
Cost of App
Data Displayed
Workout duration, metres, power output, strokes per minute
Split pace, metres, calories, watts
Weight-adjusted scores  
Drive length, drive time, average force, peak force, drag factor, or stroke count (you can view two of these at a time)  
Additional Features
View different units on your monitor and device (for example, you can display watts on the device while viewing average pace on the monitor)  
Upload workouts directly to Concept2 Online Logbook  
Set weight class and machine type for workouts uploading to online logbook    
Quickly access the Indoor Rower Finder and SkiErg Finder with included links    
Large, bright digits provide a high visibility display
Voice feature speaks workout data (compatible iOS device required)
Android users, please refer to the third party BoatCoach app for a comparable app with this feature
Heart Rate Monitoring Compatibility
Displays heart rate (heart rate monitoring equipment required)
Supports Bluetooth Smart heart rate belts  
Supported Devices
iPhone 3GS  
iPhone 4  
iPhone 5 and later (requires special adapter)    
iPod touch 3    
iPod touch 4G  
iPod touch 5    
Compatibility with Concept2 Monitors
Additional Hardware Required
LiveRowing Connect cable (includes Smartphone Cradle) - with PM3/PM4 only    
Android Connection Kit or Smartphone cradle    
Wahoo Key