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ErgData FAQs

How can I change between pace, watts and calories?
Tap the window displaying pace to change the units. It will change to watts, then calories, and then back to pace with each additional tap.
How do I change the data displayed in the two right-hand boxes?
Tap either box and you will get a list of options to choose from.
Do I need the cable if I have a PM4, or can I use the PM4's wireless capabilities?
We are not supporting wireless capabilities for this app when in use on the PM4, so you will need the cable.
Do I need the cable if I have a PM5, or can I use the PM5's wireless capabilities?
Wireless capabilities are supported for iOS and Android versions of ErgData:
  • iOS users need PM5 firmware version 17 (indoor rowers) or 717 (SkiErgs) or higher
  • Android users need PM5 firmware version 18 (indoor rowers) /718 (SkiErgs) or higher and ErgData version 1.12 or higher.
For wired connections, can I just put together some cables and adapters to connect my iOS device to my PM?
It is necessary to use an Apple approved cable when connecting to an iOS device. To connect with a wire to an iOS device requires multiple levels of approval from Apple in their "MFI" program. Anything that communicates with an app must go through this process. The iConnectConcept2 is not just a cable, it is, itself, an electronic product.
Does the Wahoo ANT+ Key work with ErgData?
No, the Wahoo Key is not supported.
How does my iOS/Android device fit on the indoor rower/SkiErg?
The cable kit includes instructions, the iConnectConcept2 cable, and a cradle that sits on top of the monitor. Your device sits in the cradle.
Is the cradle available separately?
Yes, it holds many mobile devices and can be purchased separately for $6.00. Order Part Number 1098.
Will the cradle hold my smartphone in its case?
The cradle will accommodate smartphones of various lengths. The adjustable arm can hold phones as narrow as 2.25 inches in width and can stretch open to 3.5 inches in width (for reference, this is large enough to accommodate an iPhone 6+ with or without a case).
Can I use this with my iPhone 5 or later?
Yes, the iPhone 5 and later fit in the cradle, but for wired connections you may need Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter to connect your device using the iConnectConcept2 cable. See the System Requirements for more information.
Does ErgData work on the iPad?
Yes, ErgData works with the iPad. We do sell tablet mounts for the RowErg and BikeErg (subject to availability). Some customers tell us they use a music stand, as another option.
Does ErgData work with the SkiErg?
Yes, although you must be running the latest version of the app for SkiErg workouts to be uploaded as such. If you are running an older version of the app, it will work with the SkiErg, but your workouts will be uploaded as “rowing” workouts. You can manually edit these workouts in the Online Logbook.
How do I set the machine type to SkiErg?
You don't need to: The latest version of ErgData automatically detects when it is connected to a Performance Monitor on a SkiErg and will upload these workouts to your online logbook with SkiErg as the machine type.
Is my iPhone/iPad/iPod charging when it's connected to the PM with the iConnectConcept2 cable?
The iConnectConcept2 cable for iPhone and iPad cannot charge your iPhone/iPad/iPod as it has no access to the Performance Monitor's power supply. The combination of the iConnectConcept2 cable and the Performance Monitor will consume a very small amount of power from the iPhone/iPad/iPod. If you would like to charge your iPhone/iPad/iPod while rowing/skiing, Concept2 suggests the DockStubz Plus from CableJive.
Can I set up workouts from my iPhone/iPod touch?
Not at this time. This feature may be added in a future release.
Does this app work with adaptive voice for the blind?
Yes, provided you are running iOS7 and the latest version of ErgData. Learn how to enable the voice feature. Android users, please refer to the third party BoatCoach app for this functionality.
Does ErgData work on Android devices?
Yes. See system requirements and device compatibility here.
Can I play music while rowing?
This has more to do with the capabilities of the device than ErgData, but, yes, this is possible.
How do I prevent notifications from turning off the music on my iOS device while I row/ski?
To prevent notifications such as email alerts and text messages from interrupting your music, you will need to set your iOS device on mute by using the mute switch (located just above the volume buttons on your device).
When I “Sync” my workouts, do my Online Logbook workouts get added to my ErgData logbook?
ErgData now fully syncs with your Logbook, so any workouts that are added to your Logbook outside of ErgData will appear after syncing. On first syncing it will fetch your 50 most recent workouts and then sync fully going forward.
My username and password do not seem to work, what do I do?
Make sure you are entering the username and password correctly as ErgData is case sensitive. If you still can’t log in, you can have your details sent to you from the Online Logbook website.
My workouts are not being uploaded, what do I do?
Check to ensure your username and password are entered correctly. If you have a LogCard or USB flash drive inserted in the Performance Monitor while you are using ErgData, remove it, as this will prevent workouts from showing up in the app for upload. If you need additional assistance, email
What does the weight-adjusted score mean?
For more information on weight adjusted scores, see the Weight Adjustment Calculator and the Calorie Calculator.
What is Drive Length?
The amount (distance) of chain or rope pulled out during the "drive time." The PM measures "drive" as the time when the flywheel is accelerating. Note: It is possible that the athlete may pull on the handle and not accelerate the flywheel due to no energy being put into it and therefore no effective effort. This portion of the handle pull is not measured.
What is Drive Time?
Drive time is measured by the amount of time the flywheel is accelerating. Note: It is possible that the athlete may pull on the handle and not accelerate the flywheel due to no energy being put into it and therefore no effective effort. This portion of the handle pull is not measured.
What is Drive Speed?
Drive speed is defined as the Drive Length / Drive Time.
What is Stroke Count?
Stroke count is the total number of strokes for this piece (or for the work portion of interval training).
What is Drag Factor?
Drag factor is a numerical value for the rate at which the flywheel is decelerating. This number changes with the volume of air that passes through the flywheel housing. Since higher damper settings allow more air into the flywheel housing, the flywheel decelerates more quickly, resulting in a higher drag factor value. See Damper Setting 101.
What is Peak Force?
Peak force is the highest force during the drive.
What is Average Force?
The average of the force during the drive.
Can I access a verification code for a piece using ErgData?
There is no need for a verification code as the piece is already considered verified, similar to pieces uploaded from the Concept2 Utility.