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Meet the Comp Blade

Available in sweep and scull

Concept2’s Comp blade combines the best elements of our existing designs to create a lightweight, efficient, stable, and easy-to-row competitive blade. The blade is wide like the Fat2, short like the Bantam, and rigged long like the Smoothie2. The Comp blade is specifically designed for the Skinny shaft, creating a powerful combination of stability and speed. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, seven crews medaled using Comp sculls (2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze).

Close-up of the new Concept2 comp blade
The Comp, our latest design.

Over the last 15 years of rowing with the Fat2, we’ve learned that the blade width and Vortex Edge are the two most important blade features contributing to boat speed. With the Comp blade, we've retained these qualities, but the less effective area has been trimmed away. The critical effective surface area remains, resulting in a lighter weight blade that features the same width as the Fat2. The Comp has the Fat2’s solid lock in the water at the catch with a greater acceleration into the finish.

We’ve also learned a lot about stability in the process of developing the Bantam oar. Its short, wide blade is very stable on the drive which contributes to confidence when applying power and overall comfort. “Weight in the hand” or “swing-weight” is lighter than oars with larger blades, saving energy and facilitating higher stroke rates.

The new Concept2 comp sweep blade on the water

The Comp Blade is only available with a Skinny shaft. The Comp uses similar oar length, shaft stiffness and rigging as our Smoothie2 blades, making it an easy transition for athletes.


  • Available now in both sweep and scull. Call Concept2 to order.
  • The Comp blade cannot be retrofitted to existing Skinny shafts.

Click for dimensions and more details about the Comp blade.

Setting an oar with the new Concpet2 Comp Blade
Athlete testing on the Charles River, Boston, MA.