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Checking in at Concept2 for Earth Day 2024

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Apr 18, 2024

drone photo of solar panels
Solar tracking arrays and rooftop solar panels at Concept2 Headquarters in Morrisville, Vermont.

Keeping up with an energy efficient and environmentally friendly operation is an ongoing effort here at Concept2. Technology changes. Our products change. The way we live changes. All this change provides an opportunity to do things more efficiently, more sustainably and more responsibly.

Since our early days, one of the most important things we’ve done is make a machine that is built to last for a very long time. Our customer service, technical support and spare parts inventory are all available to help keep your Concept2 erg running for the long term. We never want to see one of our machines in a landfill! If the time comes when you are no longer using it, please consider passing it along. There’s a healthy used erg market (they hold their value well), or you might consider donating it to a start-up rowing or fitness program.

Here are some of the efficiency improvements made at Concept2 over the past couple of years.

Smarter Lighting
While we have upgraded lighting several times for energy efficiency, we have recently added several types of occupancy sensors so that LED lights are only on when people are present. They are programmed by computer, allowing us to change several aspects of functionality with little-to-no rewiring. This gives us flexibility to easily rearrange workspaces as needed.

High Efficiency HVAC Equipment
We have upgraded our HVAC equipment to include four new heat pumps for heating and cooling the spaces, and one new heat pump water heater. While we still use some propane, these boilers are now of the ultra-high efficiency condensing variety, and they are programmed to kick in only when the heat pumps need help.

Energy Recovery Units
We added three energy recovery units (ERV) to replace traditional exhaust fans, which just blow some of the conditioned air outside. ERVs use heat exchange as they exhaust stale air and bring in fresh air. For example, in winter, the warm air that they exhaust helps heat the incoming cold fresh air, thereby saving energy.

shredded paper
Perforated cardboard for packaging material.

Recycled Packaging Material
Our spare parts shipping department now uses an electric cardboard shredder that turns used cardboard into perforated packaging material. We also reuse vendor boxes and packaging when we can.

Molded Pulp Packaging
In some of our products, we have replaced EPS Styrofoam with molded pulp packaging that is recyclable and compostable. We hope to expand the use of molded pulp packaging in the next few years

Paper. Not Plastic.
The literature packet that comes with every Concept2 RowErg and BikeErg has been changed from plastic to paper as of April 15. This will add up to quite a few plastic bags that won't end up in the waste stream.

cars parked at ev hargers

EV Chargers
We have five EV chargers now and plan to add three more. There are more and more EVs and hybrids in our parking lots!

In addition to our newer initiatives, we’ve been producing solar power for years now, with the energy generated going back to power much of our operations. We started with seven ground-mounted tracking solar arrays in 2010 and have gradually added panels to many of our south-facing roofs. We also continue to compost and recycle, and employees are welcome to contribute food scraps and household recycling to our collection points.

Happy Earth Day!

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