Storing and Transporting Oars | Concept2

Storing and Transporting Oars

Do not store your oars long-term in continuous sunlight. Ultraviolet light will eventually degrade the surface and shorten the life of the oar.

Storing Oars with Wooden Handles

To store oars with wood handles:

  • Keep the handles out of water and away from dampness.
  • Do not store oars with wood handles on damp ground or in wet grass.

Transporting Oars

Most commercial car top racks, such as Yakima or Thule, are adequately coated to protect the oar shaft; however, unprotected tubular metal racks can cause serious damage to an oar shaft that is tied on without any padding.

To help in transporting sculls, Concept2 sells an accessory Scull Case that will protect your sculls during travel, shipping or storage. It fits one pair of sculls, or two pairs with the collars removed.

Do Not Store Oars in Direct Sunlight

Do Not Store Oars with Wooden Handles Down