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ReRow (ReSki or ReRide) Your Favorite Workouts

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Apr 28, 2022

Remember that great workout you did a couple weeks ago? The ReRow function (or ReSki and ReRide) on the PM makes it easy to do it again, with pacing from your earlier performance. This function provides the goal of matching or bettering your prior performance, and the motivation of racing against your pacer, if you wish.

For starters, you’ll need to have a pre-set time or distance workout in your PM5 memory to re-do. So, if you don’t have one, that’s your first step. Here’s how to set up your monitor:

Menu > Select Workout > New Workout > Single Time (Or Single Distance)

Then, set the time or distance you want and do the workout!
A note on Splits: The pacer will move at the split paces from your initial workout. By default, the PM5 uses five splits, so the pacer will move in five pace blocks. When you set up the workout, you can choose to have more splits. For example, you can set the initial workout to have 20 splits so that your pacer will be guided by your pace during each of those 20 split blocks.

When your baseline workout is completed and saved in memory, you can ReRow (or ReSki or ReRide) it as many times as you like. Here’s how:

Menu > Select Workout > ReRow and select the workout you want to re-do.

Josh Carlson, a member of our Customer Service and Tech Support Teams, is an avid cross-country skier and has coached the local high school ski team for many years. He really likes using the ReSki function on the PM5.
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Josh’s Favorite ReSki Workout: 5k
“Here is a workout I like to do that uses the pace skier feature of the PM5—so essentially I’m racing against my results from a previous workout. Because I am racing against one of my recent 5K workouts, I know that the intensity is right for me and that I should be able to “beat” the pace skier. I envision that I am in a race and I am in control of the race at all times. Here are things I like to do to make it feel like a race:

  • Sprint ahead in the first 100m then let the pace skier catch up by settling into an even pace.
  • Use single poling to mock going uphill, which makes me drop behind slightly, then switch to double poling to catch up.
  • Pull a slightly faster pace to stay just in front of the pace skier.
  • Towards the end of the workout I will stay even with the pace skier until inside the 500m mark then finish strong and out sprint the pace skier.

I like these workouts because it allows me to improve in a realistic way and adds a nice, less structured way to do a 5K.”

See if you can beat YOUR favorite workout!

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