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The RowErg: A New Name for the Model D and Model E

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Feb 22, 2022

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In May 2021, we streamlined our product line and renamed our product. We now offer one RowErg® with a choice of two height options: the standard 14” seat height (formerly the Model D) and an elevated 20” seat height (formerly the Model E).

How is the RowErg different from the Model D and Model E Indoor Rowers?

Both the Model D and Model E offered the same great workout but there were some differences in construction and aesthetics that made them two distinctly different machines. These machines are now both "the RowErg". Here's what's new:

  1. The Name: The RowErg is the same machine as our popular, time-tested indoor rowers but with the new RowErg name.
  2. Leg Height Options: You now have a choice of leg heights—choose between standard legs for a 14" seat height or tall legs for an elevated 20" seat height. The RowErg with Tall Legs also includes larger caster wheels.

Now, all of the features of the RowErg are the same except for the leg construction. One machine: your choice of standard or tall legs. Note: A higher seat is NOT required for taller users.

Why would I want taller legs?

Some people prefer the additional height of the 20" seat height because:

  • They like the appearance of a taller machine.
  • Commercial facilities (like gyms or health clubs) may prefer that their users be seated at a height similar to users on other equipment, making the RowErg more visible.
  • The additional seat height may make it easier for some people to get on and off the machine.

I have a Model C or a Model D and want a higher machine. Can I install tall legs?

Yes! If you own a Model C or Model D and think you might want your machine to stand a bit higher, we now offer a Tall Legs Retrofit Kit. The retrofit kit raises the seat height to 20 inches—similar to a common chair height. And it's very easy to install!

Why "Erg"?

When we introduced the very first Concept2 Indoor Rower in 1982, it was called the "Concept2 Rowing Ergometer". All of our exercise machines are technically ergometers, or “ergs” for short, because they actually measure the work that you are doing. Ergometers give reliable, repeatable feedback. The reliability of our Performance Monitor is what enables workouts to be compared between workouts and between athletes, allowing us to host virtual racing, the online ranking and all of our motivational challenges. It is this measurement of work that sets Concept2 apart from other fitness equipment.

RowErg logo

We're excited that the name "RowErg" helps our popular "indoor rower" to join our family of products, including the SkiErg and BikeErg.

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