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CrossFit Games 2015

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Jul 30, 2015

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games have come to a close after a week of grit, camaraderie and pure athleticism. Concept2 CTS remains an important part of this amazing event since its inauguration in 2007.

Masters (60+) women cranking out 80 calories.

An exciting addition to this year’s Games included two teen divisions, ages 14–15 and 16–17. These young athletes, as well as the masters competitors, took part in an event called “The Sandwich.” This event began with an 80 calorie row on the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower, followed by 40 shoulder-to-overheads and ended with 80 deadlifts.

All athletes trained hard for this event and here are a few notable results from Australia:

Teenage Girls 16-17: Isabella Vallejo 1st
Teenage Boys 16-17:  Rees Mitchell 3rd 
Masters Women 40-44: Amanda Allen 3rd
Masters Men 45-49: Matt Swift 1st
Masters Women 45-49: Kylie Massi 1st, Francine Pehi 3rd
Masters Women 55-59: Lynne Knapman: 2nd

Getting ready for Pedal to the Metal I and II.

The individual athletes saw the Model D Indoor Rower in two back-to-back events—Pedal to the Metal I/II. And in classic Games style, a new element was introduced in this workout: the peg board. After three ascents up the peg board athletes then rowed 24 calories, completed a 16 calorie bike and then performed 8 dumbbell squat snatches at a heavy 100 lb for men and 70 lb for women. Following a short two minute rest, the athletes completed 12 parallette handstand pushups followed by another 24 calorie row, 16 calorie bike and 8 heavy kettle bell deadlifts.
Killer workout!

Coach Cady on proper form.

Concept2 CTS had a booth in Vendor Village with a SkiErg and Model D Indoor Rower available to try. Some serious calories were pulled on both machines during the week—for some it was their introduction to the SkiErg. CrossFit Rowing had a booth with an 80 calorie team challenge, and coaches Cady Hart-Petterssen, Jon Burns and Shane Farmer stood by to cheer, provide cues, and ultimately teach people proper rowing form.

Trying out the SkiErg.

We are excited that the CrossFit Games continue to introduce people to Concept2 and what we're all about. Serious CrossFit athletes and beginners alike asked how to improve their form, what sort of workouts to do, or just cranked on the SkiErg for the first time.

For full results, and to view the CrossFit workouts, visit the CrossFit Games website.

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