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Finish the Holiday Challenge Strong

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Dec 03, 2021

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We’re into the second week of the Holiday Challenge and the metres and donations are adding up! If you haven't already signed up, make sure you do so from your Logbook by choosing a charity option. This is your opportunity to help raise money for a good cause just by working out. We've gathered some ideas and technologies to help you reach your goals.

Reminder: To earn your Holiday Challenge pin for the 200k level, make sure your postal address is up to date in your Online Logbook profile. Alternatively, if you don't want to receive a Holiday Challenge pin, you can opt out from your logbook.

Workout Suggestions

If you're looking for fresh ways to finish up your metres, check out this collection of 30 workouts. Choose the ones that will help get your to your goal.

Try an App

Need some different motivation to help you meet your Holiday Challenge goals? One of these apps might fit the bill. They all offer virtual scenery, along with many other features that will enhance your efforts.

  • ic.row allows you to row with your friends on a virtual river and share audio so you can have a conversation at the same time. It’s a great way to get in a workout while also catching up, and coxswains can join, too! The metres fly by when you're rowing with someone else. Keep an eye open for their holiday-themed river experience in December.
  • Kinomap lets you explore the world while you train. There are thousands of geo-located video routes from across the globe for you to row and ride. There’s even a few to ski! The free 14-day trial will allow you to explore the many features before choosing a subscription.
  • EXR offers a virtual rowing course as well as training plans, feedback on your performance, and a variety of mini-games and challenges to add interest to your rowing. EXT offers a free trial with unlimited access, then you choose the subscription that fits your needs.
  • Zwift is an app for cyclists so it’s a great fit with the BikeErg. You’ll be riding with an online community of cyclists through extensive virtual terrain. There are challenges, rewards, leaderboards and international companions for training. You can try it free for seven days, after which you choose your subscription.

There are also many more PM5-compatible apps to choose from. Concept2’s Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) makes a variety of apps possible, thanks to our open platform philosophy. Check them out!

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