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Cady Hart-Petterssen

Cady Hart-Petterssen found rowing as a freshman at the University of Connecticut. Having never pulled on an oar in her life, the team recruiter grabbed her and her tall friend to test her on the erg. Cady jumped on and hauled away and found her future sport. Her tenacity and natural mobility allowed her to excel in a long person's sport, despite standing 5'5", and she went on to captain the UConn heavyweight boat for three years. Since college, Cady spent time as a yoga instructor while getting a Masters in Exercise Science at Colorado State, then worked as a Corporate Wellness Program Manager and Wellness Coach before moving to Vermont and finding CrossFit. That same passion she had for rowing led Cady to a full time CrossFit coaching job and she was soon competing at the CrossFit Games Northeast Regionals.

Cady became co-owner of Green Mountain CrossFit in 2012 and has since developed a three day a week CrossFit program at the Concept2 headquarters in Morrisville, Vermont, for employees. Cady has also created a successful CrossFit Rowing program at GMCF, teaching many of their athletes the joy of indoor rowing and contributing to the CrossFit Rowing Facebook programming. Through this experience in her own gym and with Concept2, Cady is now also a trainer with CrossFit Rowing.

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